Advance Health Co Enzyme Q10 by Paul O’Neill”

60 Capsules


Co Enzyme Q10 (Co Q10) is a vital catalyst in the creation of energy that cells need for life.

Within every cell of your body are mitochondria.

The mitochondria are your cells energy plants.


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Advance Health Products “Premium Q10” is in a base of Magnesium and Calcium Phosphate (as an excipient ingredient). This base enables the Co Q10 to .remain dry and preserves the vitally important electrical charge of the Co Q10 prior to ingestion.

Sources of supplemental Co Q10 range from Synthetic, Semi-Synthetic, Bacteria Fermented and Yeast Fermented. Good quality Co Q10 carries with it a negative charge, which is critical to Co Q10’s effectiveness inside your body’s cells. Without this electrical charge present it is extremely difficult to get the Co Q10 to perform as effectively as it should.


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